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  1. Hey, you big bastard, how the hell are you. Bet you never thought your old D&D pal would come out of the mists of the past, the deep, dark, recesses and obsidian-walled corridors of history, the murk of years gone… yeah, you get the point. ;-D)-[
    So, saw your art. I cannot even begin to tell you how thrilled I was to see that you had made your work into your life. I have had occasion, over the many years since H.S., to regret my own failure to pursue my writing as I should have. Fear, I guess. It’s a cancer that eats at the heart which wants more than just 9-5 bullshit. However, happy to tell you that those days are coming to an end. I will not allow fear of success, or of failure, to prevent me trying to make my voice heard unto all the world. I think you may recall that I usually had something, if not of great substance, then, at least at a bare minimum, something of somewhat socially redeeming value, to say. (or maybe I’m indulging in revisionist history, allowing my perspective to be skewed by my own vanity, and sense of self-aggrandizement;-P”)
    In any case, it was great to find you. Hope everything else is going good for you, because you are truly one of the few people I can recall from my past that I actually gave two-thirds of a tin shit about. (I gave a whole shit, buddy, lol) Drop me a line if your not too, busy. My blog is now up and running, which I will be using to “hold forth” on my oh-so-glamorous, days-and-nights-in-the-fastlane life. Check it out, it will keep you posted on my writing, publishing and release dates, if you’re of a mind.

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